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so, heres the past few days in one post.

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i believe that our minds are capable of knowing what certain things feel like before we're ever able to experience them. that doesnt make any sense, so i'll explain. the other night i dreamt that the top of my skull was cut open and my brain was lifted from its housing or casing-removed, unharmed, and all the while i was still in a conscious state. i could feel it being lifted, as my head became obviously lighter, my head fell forward due to not being used to this lack of weight. ive heard that our brain has more nerves than any other muscle in our body, which, would make sense, but ive also been told that if touched, on lets say the upperside of your brain, you wouldnt feel a thing. i believe that vivid, stimulating imagery like this brings us one step closer to events we'll never truly feel. i believe our minds can open up these new experiences; these undeveloped sensations, these unacquainted activities. and i believe they really feel the way our brain makes them seem, even if we'll never achieve whatever the dream may be.

05.16.06-beautifully disgusting
what seperates us from most other mammals is the brain growth and function at birth. where a chimp goes through most of its brain development inside of the womb, we humans do more of it on the outside; due to pelvic constrictions of the human female anatomy. in our prehuman ancestors the combination of this constriction and increasing brain development (because of our ever changing environment from generation to generation) meant the fetus was birthed progressively sooner, more unprepared to its surroundings, giving them no choice but to stimulate the brain by thinking; even right outside of the womb.

the invention of tools brought these environment changes. the pace of social and cultural evolution accelerated to the point where we are now-in an industrialized society. this leads to that profoundly, startingly, different environment even from that of our previous one. which is why most of us live our lives completely out of touch with the natural world in everyway. its no longer a part of us. we needed tools to become who we are now. and when i say this, i mean more than just by the buildings you see. it all goes back to your anatomy.

its like doing studies on rats. group A will see different patterns in the brain from group B. lets say group a is set in a high stress, quick, very bright environment, and also overly populated. group b, in a dark room, with no emotional strain whatsoever, underpopulated. brain stimulation will obviously prevail in group A. though, studies show that in overly stressed rats, (mainly due to overcrowding) females will be less likely to finish what theyve started, nesting projects, etc, and will also begin killing there young. males showed a great increase of homosexual behavior. both sexes spent far more time fighting than the rats of group B. so, it seems the high paced environment produced a negative effect on the brain... can we compare this to our own environment now? what once worked to our advantage in brain growth, may now be doing us no good? i guess we'll never know for sure, we're not rats afterall.

let it be known, just because im bringing this up-doesnt mean im bragging by any means. i dont think what happens in this blog was cool, it was just an experience to bring up.

last night consisted of drinking and lounging at marks with some friends. after putting a few in us, (beers not cocks :P)jokingly i said to mark, "hey, lets go down to the huge parking lot out by quicktrip and drag the cars real quick, im curious whos is quicker. well, we both laughed and figured what harm could it do. it'd be fast, in and out, no problem. well. we turn off his street, he picks up pace out of the neighborhood (and myself trailing behind) doing about 50-55 in a 25-35 area, right out of the residential area. well, even though we shouldnt have, we did. ok, so go figure, the ONLY two cars we pass on the way to the lot - one of them is a copper.

so mark hits his brakes, drops it to something close to the speed limit, and i follow. obviously he noticed how fast we were going, theres no getting out of this, so i turn off my music and prepare for the worst - as we pass him, he hits his brakes and then throws his car into reverse. im watching all of this out of my rearview and mumbling to myself "wtf are we going to say" granted, he probably didnt have much on me, (though i was drunk driving, AND speeding...ha, i didnt have enough alcohol in me that i was obviously drunk, though, had the breathelizer been forced on me, i would have been fucked...) so anyways, as the cop begins to turn around hes slowed down by the car whos pulled up right behind him. which gave us just enough time to pull into the closest apartment complex and run up the stairway before he could notice us.

well, it doesnt end there, he knows what we had done, he saw us pull in so he follows not far behind to check out where exactly we were. so as hes pulling into the parking lot, we're both running out and down the back side of the apartments and running down the street to the other apartment housing about a block away. well, we figured we were good and that was that. turns out, not so. mark stopped for a moment to take a piss behind a dumpster while i sat on some steps in the open taking a breather. well, i look towards the office to see a slow moving car checking out the area, he was still onto us.

at this point i ran behind the dumpster and said "hey, mark, not to be gay, dude but i think thats the...." mark cuts me off somewhere around here and quickly says "thats the cop and hes got his searchlight on." he KNEW we were close. we take off still using the dumpster to our advantage hiding behind it as we ran. up and down some more stairs, i tripped over my feet up the steps and jumped down every other step on the way down; both of us breathing like crazy from running so much, we ran around some more apartment buildings, and towards the neighborhood nearby.

around this time we lost the cop for good. we jumped a few fences and ended up back at his place all huffy and puffy twenty minutes later. this was at 4:15 in the morning. we left our cars about ten minutes away in that lot until about noon when one of his friends tasha drove us back to pick up the vehicles. im sure the cop probably waited it out by our cars for awhile that night, hoping we'd come back for them. and im sure he checked on our cars too. not that he'd find anything on either of us. though, mark mostly ran due to warrents. i ran, because, well, it seemed like the thing to do at the time, as embarrassing as that is to say. i hate to say it, but im glad i did, otherwise, i may have been in more trouble right now...

ive never been in a sitution where i ran from the authorities. other than when i was a youngin, but theres big difference between doing that when youre a crazy eleven year old and when your ten years past that. last night was an experience i cant even put into words for people, but itll be one i remember. ha. though, that wont ever be happening again. ever.

i never thought joking about dragging our cars in parking lots at four in the morning would lead to running from apartment to apartment, backyard to backyard. listening and watching for cops and keeping our eyes peeled for large dogs making noise over the sound of our shuffling, weary feet, pushing through the thick grass of neverending, pitch black backyards... :-X

so last night was the first time ive ever been to a bar.

it was pretty much awesome for the most part. when mark and i walked in, the first four seconds we step foot in the door this older guy, drunk as hell, points at me and says "come here" im looking around, thinking is this guy talking to me? and i hesitate whether or not i should be a prick and act as if i dont hear him and keep walking or walk over in a friendly way. well, at first i kept walking, but then thought, fuck it, im up for whatever hes about to do, and if i act the role of a prick, i'll have to deal with it the entire time im here. so i walk towards him. he throws his arm around me, with all these chicks around, and and a few other guys as well, and he yells "who wants to bet this little guy could knock me out in one punch?!?" and starts laughing. being me, i looked back at him, then to everyone else, checking out everyones reaction, watching my back in a half paraniod way, and i say "nah, i doubt it" (even if i was possibly lying to his face-i figured why not make him feel better about himself :P) he laughs again, and admits(because obviously its fact that i AM cool...) "you're a good guy, youre alright!" i let out one last "heh" i start to head back towards mark (who laid back the entire time wondering what the hell was going on) and as i proceed to turn around to mark, someone pats me on the back in an almost pushy manner. mark figures he/they were possibly looking for a fight. i figure he was just getting a feel for me, or something of the sort. either way a few guys at that table kept watching mark and i all night. maybe they were just gay for us. i dont know. i semi noticed people dancing, and listened to several people (including mark) do some kareoke. haha, which was entertaining to say the least. after that i drove my partially drunken ass home blaring outkast. fun night
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