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You look up power violence and all you get in return are a bunch of hardcore scene teens. Oh, how I miss you livejournal. Really though, I do. I'm so sick of Myspace, it's like crack, why do I blog over there when i've still got this account?!... What the hell does blogging even mean?! Is BLOG even a word?!... It's more like the noise I let out right before someone hits me over the head with a tire iron.

For the most part though, I really miss LJ. I don't feel like I need a bunch of pictures of me up, that's not what people are here for. They're friends of yours so they can read about your life, small problems, big problems, what you ate that gave you botulism, you get the idea. It's a totally different crowd. A crowd for the most part, that's intelligent (or at the very least, well read. Why else would they be here?)

I'm just tired of a bunch of retarded people who only keep me on their myspace profiles so they can 'check up' on me and run back to their clicks and or work places to leak all the drama or trivial bullshit in my life. it's bad enough i had to set that shit to private just to keep prying eyes such as my mother, father, coworkers, etc from possibly reading anything i updated with. You give one person your url and the whole fucking staff knows your shit two days later. anyways, back to my mom and dad, I'm telling you, it's like taking and reading the school love letters i've left in my pocket all over again; How old am i? Seriously, i'm twenty three now.

Twenty-fucking-three. Weird how it's all passing me by. I was introduced to lj when I was... seventeen I think. Which is old for kids anymore. apparently. Most of the kids who have myspace and lj now at the age of seventeen have been had these things for years. It's just funny, the thought of twelve year olds with problems. Even worse is the amount of twelve years old girls with slutty pictures on their profiles. WTF. And you wonder why she's dating someone twice her age? give me a break people.

Anyways, just a quick genuine rant with no thought involved before hand. I don't know if I'll be updating more, but i'm going to attempt it.
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