Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes. (asscake) wrote,
Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes.

That seven percent of me is gone.

As the door slams
echoing like thunder
and the specks of dust flow
in front of the headlights
under the moonlight
i'll follow your trail
the cars still running
i'll leave the lights on
i'll be right behind you
singing along

My intent
I can't express
though i'm not cold hearted
just a bit depressed
reverse the roles
in this catastrophe
give her the axe
make this a bedtime story

Now that i've been seen
obvious i've been caught
busy searching for my headlights
in that parking lot
but instead of a song
that breaks the air
the only sounds you're going to hear
my short breathes
an intoxicated walk
you'll be wading through my blood
as I go into shock

Drain me first
as it was meant to be
and leave the headlights on
as you pull away from the scene
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I really want you to put all of your writings up on a website. I'd help you with it :)